saberSaberSync started as all great things start, with a need.

Running my IT consulting business I found that I was in need of a tool to allow me to share customer information with my team.  My criteria was specific, but not out of the realm of possibility.  I needed a tool that was easy to use, secure, allowed me to share data with my team, and was affordable.

My team reviewed the top 20 products available, of those we tested 5, and none of them passed our requirement test.  We found that most of the products didn’t have an actual ‘team’ capability, you would just share your own account amongst your team, and while not ideal, it would suffice.  However, of those which we liked the interface, they weren’t secure.  Those that were secure, were so cumbersome that they were borderline unusable.

What we envisioned was a product that allowed you to access your data as you would a thumb drive, secure the data both while in ‘the cloud’ and when it is downloaded locally, and allow me to control how I share my data with team members as well as outside parties.

SaberSync was born.  We truly believe that we have the best product available which not only provides the minimal features we were interested in, but now offers so much more such as TheftGuard and FolderLinks amongst many others.

We are happy to share this service with all of you and we love to hear about how SaberSync has worked for you, and how it could work even better.

Thank you,

Dharam Khalsa